Au revoir, 2013 #BigCascade

I would say that 2013 was a pretty damn fine year for Bad Mojo.

I brewed 38 batches of beer, approximately 186 gallons with a few of those being single hop Gemini test batches.

We got our first Local HomeBrew Supply Store in – Brewhaha, and of course, we legalised homebrewing in 2013 through RYP.

A few highlights –

The 2013 Saint Patrick’s Day parade:  we served up a Maibock and a Gemini and what turned out to be the Thile experience.  2 out of 3 ain’t bad, I suppose.

2013 War of the Wort by Golden Triangle Brewers – MayheM (Dubbel/Kriek) got a silver for Belgian specialty ales.  BlackFyre Stout (bourbon barrel aged double milk stout) got a bronze in wood-aged.

#BigCascade – Bad Mojo contributed to this recipe that was published in BYO and on the AHA site.  We brewed it.  We dranked it.  Would do it again.  Spread the madness through twitter.

Initiated the #BrewersCup for HBAMM with JP winning the first go around for the Pale Ale recipe from Brewhaha Supply which also coincided with the legalization of homebrewing.  HBAMM had the first legal #BonaFide homebrewing competition in Missippi.  Brewed two legal batches on July 1 (#BigCascade and Revivale 2013).

2013 Humpback Humpback (Afroman’s the bomb, bump dat):  BMPA got a silver in American Ales.

Alabama Brew Off (WHERE IS ME GOLD) – SB Cascades (#BigCascade) got a gold in English pale ales, and BMPA got a bronze for 10 A – American Pale Ales.

ECBF – had a lot of fun attending this event for the first time, as far as you know.

Jacktoberfest – organized the comp for the fest, had a lot of fun here, too.

2013 Monster Mash – Sinister XPT (Belgian Dark with Kriek) won the whole goddamn thing.  Yep (Gold for Sinister and Silver for Revivale 13 in Bagels & Waffles).  BMPA got a bronze for American Ales (American Pie). Kingslayer (Blonde) got a silver in Strong Belwas.

And that was pretty much it!  Brewed my last batch of the year on 11-11-13 – the third in my ongoing lambic series.

See y’all motherfuckers in 2014!




And the winner is…

We held our Monster Mash competition award ceremony on Saturday night.  I had several beers in it and a few that placed.

My BMPA (wedding pale ale version) finished 3rd in American Ales.  It was a lesser version of the award winning BMPA from this summer, which got a silver and a bronze.  I had a couple bottles of it left, that went to Nashville but it didn’t place.

My Kingslayer Blonde Ale won silver in Strong Belgians.  I really like how that recipe came together, too.  I have brewed a few of those blondes now, and that was about my favourite, too.

My Revivale 2013 got silver as well, in French and Belgian Ales.  Pretty happy with that.  It was another blonde, but this one had Brett claussenii in it…

Sinister XPT got first in French and Belgian Ales as well…  This was a Belgian Strong Dark Ale that had some of my homebrewed cherry kriek in it!  It also went to the Best of show round and ended up winning the whole damn thing!  So I got my first First in a comp!

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My medals, Craaaiiiiggggg and I, and MFMWHBBBHBs


A Tale of Two Brews

On Friday, I brewed an extract Standard Bitter, “Seven”.  A bitter is an English pale ale that is low alcohol with balanced hop bitterness and English ale yeast character.  It is the lowest gravity beer that I have ever  brewed at only 1.032 original gravity.  It was still fermenting away this morning, but looking forward to trying it.

Saturday, I brewed a Double Milk Stout, “Blackfyre II Stout”.  It was a partial mash since I was going for a big beer, and ended up hitting 1.110 gravity which makes it the highest gravity beer that I have brewed!  I timed the krausen on my starter right because it took off like a bat into hell and was already coming out the blowoff hose that evening.

It will be a little longer to try that one, as I plan to secondary and barrel age it “for a while”.

Freaky Friday

Had a great time at Jacktoberfest!  Congrats to all the winners!

We had the debut of the Bad Mojo Jockey Box, and emptied out our two kegs in less than an hour!








Next up is the Keg and Barrel for their Outlaw Homebrewing Competition.  I plan on both entering and judging that one…

Which brings us up to an update on the brewery.

On Tap:  BMPA (Almost gone tho!)

Just kegged:  Hey, Punkin! (Punking Porter) and Brown heffer (‘Dunkleweiss’)

Recently bottled:  Thielsbieer (all-Brett), Revivale 2013, Sinister XIII, and Sinister XPT

Lagering:  Biere De Gaarde (It is almost 2 months into the lagering phase, need to try one of my sample bottles…)

Secondary:  Celebration clone, Sinister XIII.2.

Wild Ales:  Lambics 11-11-11 (2.5 gal), 11-11-12 (2.5 gal), Lambic Barrel (2.5 gal of each 11-11), Kriek, Bad, Bad Bruin, Pineapple Lambic

Nothing in primary…

On deck:  Bad Mojo Seven (Standard bitter) and Blackfyre II

Further out:  Cherry Stout and BMCDA (Bad Mojo Cascadian Dark ‘pale’ Ale)


Friday! Friday! Friday!

Jacktoberfest 2013!

Bad Mojo will be serving two beers, Gemini IPA and Haaaay, Punkin – Pumpkin Saison.

Bad Mojo did not have any entries in the Competition since I was the one who ran the judging sessions!  We judged the competition before hand so that we would all be free to enjoy the Festival!  I think things went well and look forward to the Fest and Awards announcement!

Thursday is our HBAMM meeting, and this is the “second” in the #BrewersCup series.  Second is in quotes since I went ahead and awarded the #BrewersCup to John Paul since he won #BonaFide.  This will be for Fall Seasonals and I have the aforementioned Pumpkin Saison.  I plan to continue this series next year with a Big Beer (winter/holiday ale) in February 2014.

Brewing wise:  I have a Celebration Ale in Primary; a Pumpkin Porter, a Black Heffer/Dunkleweiss, and Belgian Dark Strong Ale in Secondary.  We just bottled Miguel Nieve’s FrankenStout.  I have some Mild and BMPA still left in the keg, too.  Need to get that keezer built, eh?